Why are we organizing this Summit?

We have realized a lot of gaps recently in 1. Leadership & Organizational Transformation 2. Income Gaps for Families brought about COVID-19 3. This is year is a year of transition and for us to thrive change is necessary

Why is it important for leaders to attend this Summit?

1. This summit gives leaders an opportunity to learn what skills, ways, action plans from global thought & business leaders 2. If they wanted to have a holistic view of what it takes to be a leader in this ever-challenging times 3. If they are tired of just surviving and would like to thrive

Who should attend this Summit?

1. This summit is perfect for leaders & business owners who want to build resilience, transform their leaders to thrive and know the way to do business in the next normal. 2. Managers & Individuals who would like to impart valuable knowledge to their team to increase accountability, adaptability and agility.

What to Expect in this Summit?

1. This event will unite decision makers and thought leaders from various industries around the world to talk about experiences, ideas and strategies that we hope to be helpful in illuminating key factors that leaders need to know. 2. Our aim is to develop action plans that leaders & organizations can adapt & apply. 3. Create an online community of leaders that can continue to share challenges, opportunities & successes.

What Makes our Summit Different from others?

1. Our Summit will discuss leadership in a holistic way which addresses how leaders must evolve in the way they lead their team and businesses. 2. The flow and integration of our program is organized in such a way that it will cover the most important skills, ways and styles that has to change. 3. This event is a great example of delivering value by passionate & purposeful leaders who wanted to create an impact & a difference in others life. In fact this event is a great example of what collaboration really means.

What are the key benefits in attending this event?

1. Understand what the new & next normal is and what it takes to lead effectively. 2. Awareness of how important heartset, mindset, wellbeing, communications and digital transformation is to be able to thrive. 3. Great platform to learn insights & ideas, be informed & inspired and network with leaders to leverage current business opportunities.

How can they register?

Register here:

Is there a recording for all keynotes and panels in case we can't attend 4 hours x 5 days of the summit?

Yes, recordings will be accessible for a year for registered participants to make sure you don't miss out on any important keynotes and panel discussions.

Will there be a Certificate of Attendance issued after the Summit?

For paid ticket holders, certificate is included in your investment. However, for free ticket holders, we require a minimal fee of US$ 5.00 as administrative charge.

Can we opt to join only one of the days?

Yes, we have opened up a Day Pass Only option for those with busy schedule and prefers specific theme/topics only. Although we do not recommend this as each day and topic are important for you to navigate the next normal, we want it easier for you to join us.

Can I still register even if the summit is over?

Yes, you can! We wanted to empower more leaders by giving you option to register to access just the recordings or join us as VIP or Premium Ticket holders for a year of follow-through and intervention.

Does this event has a cause?

We are not only inspiring leaders to transform through the amazing content of the summit. We are supporting Women On A Mission's Big Sister Mentorship Programme, to help women and girls who are from dysfunctional families on several programs like back to school, parenting talks, counselling, self-development sessions , practical life skills and confidence building projects with a portion of sales that will be donated to them.

Can we just opt to donate directly if we do not want to invest in ourselves?

Yes, you may donate directly any amount you wish at

Is this a modular program

No, the program is self-paced for recorded videos as we have prepared for you all relevant topics to current situation. This also hones leaders accountability of their own learning.

Who should not attend and avail of this program?

1. This program is not for victims & complainers who like to blame everything to others 2. This program is not for those who do not want to invest in themselves. 3. People who do not want to take action and take accountability for their success. 4. Leaders who does not care about people and sustainable business. 5. This program is not suitable for those who do not want to transfrom and thrive