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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

by Ir. Azean Abu Samad.

Mistake 1: Making decision solely based on price

Investing in solar is the same as buying a house as you are in for the long haul. We are talking about 25 years of warranty and obligation. Therefore, when you make your decision, look out for other aspects as well such as track record of the solar installer, its warranty policy, certification, after sales support and quality of materials used. Do not cut corners to reduce cost.  

Mistake 2: Not calling in the professionals

Do not try to pull a MacGyver when it comes to solar PV system. If you are not qualified and certified, do not try to assemble the solar PV system yourself by watching bunch of YouTube videos. In addition, do not hire your common electrician to do the wiring for you. While this may save you money in the short team, it will definitely come back to bite you in the long term.

Mistake 3: Not understanding warranties

We cannot stress enough on this point. Read the fine prints and ask questions to your solar installer.

Mistake 4: Missing out on incentives 

Do not miss out on tax incentives on your solar investment. Furthermore, take full advantage of various solar schemes available as described in a blog article in the TNBX website, titled "Solar Schemes in Malaysia".

Mistake 5: Having unrealistic expectations 

Solar energy output varies according to the weather. It may take years before you receive payback from your investment. Be patient and think long term.

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