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Renewable Energy Certificate

Want to do your part to save the environment by going green? Through Renewable Energy Certificates, we help you achieve your sustainability goals faster and easier.

mGATS mindmap.png

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) represents the delivery of 1 MWh of renewable energy to the grid, and all associated environmental benefits of displacing 1 MWh of conventional power.

REC is a tradable, market-based instrument that is produced every 1 MWh of renewable energy generation. As REC can be traded, anyone that owns REC can claim that they have purchased renewable energy. With the introduction of REC, the areas that did not have access to green energy are now able to do so.

If your company has a sustainability target, but green energy is not easily accessible, then REC is the easiest and cost-effective way to achieve your sustainability goals.

Get detailed explanation of REC diagram here.

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