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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

​by Ir. Azean Abu Samad.

Remember when your science teacher taught that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transformed?

Click here if you prefer to watch a video on how the magic works. 

This is  how solar panels transform sun energy to electricity.

  • Solar panels convert the energy of photons into electricity. This process is called the photovoltaic effect

  • When a photon hits a photovoltaic device, its energy is transferred from the photon to the local electrons in the material. These excited electron begin to flow, producing an electric current

  • Solar cells produce direct current (DC) electricity, which is typically converted to alternating current (AC) electricity by an inverter, to deliver energy to the grid (which operates with AC).

Electricity from the sun is one of the cleanest form of renewable energy available on the planet. It is abundance and powerful source of energy. Minimal components are required to tap into sun power making it cheap to maintain. In short, it’s awesome!

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