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by Ir. Azean Abu Samad.

1. Clean your solar PV modules periodically.

As dust and dirt accumulate over time, the intensity of sunlight striking the PV modules will reduce and impact the energy output. Malaysia is blessed with rain all year round that automatically wash the dirt away from your solar panels. Nevertheless, in areas such as farmland, industrial area and ground mounted arrays, you may want to get the panels clean yearly.

Cleaning solar panels

2. Inspect the PV system annually 

Solar PV system is subjected to externalities that may lead to less efficient system. Typically, you solar installer will provide free maintenance for the first year, and some may extend to 2 years. During inspection, the engineer will look out for any defects, cracks and electrical joint hotspots in your system.

Inspecting Solar Panels

3. Monitor your solar energy output 

Typically, your solar PV system comes with online monitoring application that lets you monitor the energy output in real time. Look out for any sudden drop in output.

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